The Chase Payroll Card Program Overview


Chase Payroll Card Overview


Lowe’s now offers you a new and very convenient way to get your pay. You may choose to have your pay automatically deposited into a Chase Payroll Card account instead of receiving a check.


The Chase Payroll Card is a Visa debit card (not a credit card), that can be used for purchases everywhere Visa is accepted and to get cash at ATMs all over the world. Every employee qualifies for this card. There is no credit check or bank approval required. All employees are pre-approved for this card program!


You may get your pay this easy new way by simply completing a brief application form and faxing it to the Lowe’s Payroll Department at 1-336-658-2606.


Giving You Many Important Benefits


Pay Automatically Available


Through direct deposit your pay is automatically available in your Chase account every payday. You will no longer need to wait in long lines to cash or deposit a payroll check and will not need to make a special trip to your job location to receive your payroll check. And you can check your balance any time – by phone at 1-866-222-5704 or through the Internet at or through My Lowe's Life / My Wealth / Payroll Card Website for FREE!


Worldwide Acceptance and Access to Cash


The Chase Payroll Card can be used at more than 22 million places Visa is accepted, as well as for online purchases. You can also use your card to get cash at more than 40,000 ATMs worldwide. Many locations that accept debit/ATM cards offer you the option of getting cash back while making purchases, eliminating the need to go out of your way to find an ATM. This is the preferred option to get cash verses using an ATM because there is no limit to the number of times per month you can get cash back through a point-of-purchase sale like there is for using an ATM! The card is perfect for paying bills and making everyday purchases like groceries, gas, and clothes as well as for travel or larger purchases.


Saves Time and Money


You can avoid check-cashing fees and will not need to wait in line to cash a check. Check-cashing services are often expensive, costing you 1-3% of your pay. Buying money orders to pay bills can cost about $2.00 each. In total, a Chase Payroll Card might save you up to $30.00 per month if you’re using check-cashing and money order services.


If you need to get access to a large portion or all of your net pay in cash, your FIRST Cash Advance is now FREE each pay period! Simply visit any bank that displays the VISA logo on their door and provide the teller the amount of cash you need equal to your net pay or less.


Card Program for Employees Only                     


This card is for employee use only. Each employee can have only one active card in use at a time.


Provides Extra Security


Your Chase Payroll Card helps eliminate the need to carry large sums of cash or to buy money orders. You’re also protected if your card is ever lost or stolen because your money is stored in your account, not on your card. Just notify Chase Customer Support. Your old card will be cancelled and a new one issued.


In addition, your account has the added protection of being FDIC-insured.


Helps to Track Spending


Keeping track of spending is easy. Your transaction history is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at, by phone, and on My Lowe's Life / My Wealth / Payroll Card Website too.


Using the Chase Payroll Card




You can use the card to make purchases at any merchant displaying the Visa logo. Additionally, you can use the card at any point-of-sale location that accepts NYCE, Pulse or Interlink debit services. Visually, the Chase Payroll Card is identical to any other Visa card.


For a phone, mail order or internet purchase, just provide your card number and expiration date.


ATM Usage

Your card can be used at any ATM that displays the    Cirrus Brand Mark, NYCE, Allpoint, Credit Card Companies - Visa Credit Card - Global Visa Sites or Pulse logos. To use the card at an ATM, you insert the card in the machine and follow the on screen instructions. Enter your PIN, select a withdrawal amount, and request a receipt. On some machines, you will need to select "checking" as the product from which the withdrawal is being made (as opposed to "savings" or "credit").


If you need to use an ATM, you should try to use a CHASE or Allpoints ATM. Owners of other ATM’s can levy a surcharge for using their ATM. To find the nearest Allpoints ATM, go to To find a CHASE ATM, go to


You cannot make deposits to a Chase Payroll Card account. Deposits can only be made through the Lowe's payroll process.


You are limited by the number of free ATM withdrawals as explained in the application. You can get cash back at POP (“Point-of-Purchase”) sales locations like the grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc. when you use your debit card and your PIN without ever being charged a fee! Get in the habit of getting your cash from POP locations and keep your free ATM use only for an emergency. 


Enrollment and Activation Process Overview

  1. Please make sure that we have your correct address on file before sending the application.
  2. You complete and sign the Chase Payroll Card application and return it to your location Human Resources Manager or fax it directly to the Payroll Department at 1-336-658-2606.
  3. Lowe’s Payroll Department processes the application, sets up the pay process and orders a card from CHASE for you.
  4. You will receive your card at your work location within a few days. You will then  call the card activation number at 1-866-222-5704, or visit the website at to get your new card activated. Once you have selected a PIN, the card is ready to use for purchases and at ATMs. Your net pay will be deposited into your account on the next payroll.
  5. If you wish to change your direct deposit choice to a regular checking account, you should just simply enter the new checking account information on the Direct Deposit page found by clicking on the "My Wealth" page. Then, once your pay is flowing into your new checking account, you should deplete the balance on the card and call the Chase Customer Support hotline to close the account.


Customer Service


You can get help 24 hours a day/7 days a week, by calling Chase Customer Support at 1-866-222-5704. This number is used for routine support like requesting a balance to reporting a lost or stolen card. Up-to-the-minute information is also available online at


Potential Employee Issues


Failing to Record and Balance


If you don’t record and balance, you may not know how much money you have available to use. It could be embarrassing if you try to use your card at a store and are turned down because there is not enough money for your purchase.


The Chase Payroll Card is issued by JPMorgan Chase Bank. You may call Chase Customer Support at 1-866-222-5704 to obtain your current balance or visit them online at Information is available 24/7. Access to your information online can be completed by going to and clicking on the link named "Payroll Card Website" on the "My Wealth" page.




Lowe’s has no access to an employee’s card statement or transaction information and cannot assist you with questions regarding balances or transactions. All transaction questions should be directed to the Chase Customer Support at 1-866-222-5704.


If you have questions specific to your pay or you think the amount of money deposited to your card is not accurate, you should contact your HR Manager for help.