LowesNet Search Help

  • Who can use search?

  • All authenticated LowesNet users, with access to the “Store” portion of LowesNet, has the ability to search for content of interest on the “Store" portion.

  • The search tool is designed differently for each of the 2 categories of users capable of using search:

    • Non-store Employees

    • Store Employees

  • Where is the search tool located?

    • The existing Search form field is located under the logged in user’s name and is consistent across all pages on the “Home”, “Store”, and “My Lowe’s Life” pages within LowesNet.

    • It is located at the top right corner under the user’s Name, Title and Location.

  • Functionalities

  • The results are displayed separately from the advanced search options. The advanced search options are available as a link from the results page.

  • The “Store” portion of LowesNet is not available outside the firewall.  Store content will only be available from within the firewall on a Lowe’s Thin-Client or PC terminal.

  • A dialogue box will display the options for advanced searches and will default to search “All” (“All” available file types and content).

    • The users will have the option to find results with:

  • All of the words

  • The exact phrase

  • At least one of the words

  • Without the words

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  • When entering words into the search field, the “Search” button will become active and will begin the search if the user presses the “Enter” key.

  • LowesNet users won’t have access to any content links, unless the content is available to them through normal navigation of the portlets. An example of this would be Store content which is only available to Department Managers and above.

  • Content additions, deletions and revisions may not be immediately available for Search.  At a minimum, these updates will be reflected via the Search portlet within twelve hours of implementation.

  • Search Results

The following features will be provided to the users:

  • If multiple terms are entered (e.g. paint promotion), only documents containing all terms will be returned (Boolean AND).

  • Search criteria can be grouped with quotes (“paint promotion”) – results matching the exact phrase will be returned.

  • All search terms will be case-insensitive

  • To exclude terms, precede the term with a minus-sign/hyphen (-spray)

  • Display of Search Results

    • Search results will display in maximize mode (no other portlets visible) on a new page.  The existing window will be used. 

    • The search results will be displayed in a list format with columns for "Relevance", "Results From", and "Title".

    • "Results From" (i.e. Home, My Lowe’s Life, Store) will be displayed with each list item to indicate the source of the link (content).

    • Selecting the "View Access Details" link will display the following detail information: (Non-Store Users Only)

      • Title

      • URL (should be an active link that takes the user to the content)

      • Activation Date/Time

      • Status

      • Environment Tab

      • Window/Portlet

      • Category/Department

      • Sub-Category/Sub-Department

      • Store

      • Role

      • District

      • Region

      • RDC

      • State

      • Ad Patch

      • Time Zone

      • Resource ID

      • Priority

      • Category and Sub-Category will be shown in Red underneath the Title and Descriptive Information.

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  • Number of Results Displayed Per Page

  • A maximum of ten results will be displayed per page.  

  • File types available for search

  • Only PDF, TXT, and HTML file types are searchable.

  • Images will NOT be available for search.

  • Result Sort Criteria

    The default sort for Search Results will be descending order by Relevance. Column headers may be clicked to sort results by the selected column (an arrow indicator will be present to show ascending or descending order).

If you have questions regarding LowesNet, before calling Store Communications, please check with your Store/Operations Manager to see if your questions can be answered at your store. 

Store Communications - 700-757-8073 (Monday through Friday, 7am-6pm, EST) or e-mail StoreCommunications@Lowes.com

For after hours, contact IT Support at 800-964-3375.