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Get Healthy, Stay Fit!

Your Guide to Great Health Resources
Lowe's offers many great programs and online tools to help
you manage your health year round.

Use this guide to learn what’s available to you and your family
and what steps to take to stay healthy.

If you . . . Then . . .
Want to enroll in the Copay 500 medical plan option and learn what you can do to improve your health? Take a confidential Health Risk Assessment.
Aren’t sure how much your Copay medical plan pays for annual physicals or other wellness care? Check out Preventive Care benefits. If you are enrolled in an HMO, see your HMO plan summary for your preventive care benefits.
Are looking for ways to cut costs on the medications you take? Learn ways to lower your cost for Prescription Drugs.
Enrolled in a Copay medical plan option, and have a health care or insurance-related problem and need a solution? Find a Health Advocate.
Enrolled in a Copay medical plan option, and you’re having a baby and want to learn how to waive your newborn’s initial calendar year deductible (a $500 or $750 value)? Enroll in the Prenatal Program.
Need help to quit smoking? Sign up for Life Track's Quit for Life® Tobacco Cessation Program.
Enrolled in a Copay medical plan option, and have diabetes, asthma or another ongoing condition and need help managing it? Contact CareWise Disease Management.
Are you considering Lasik eye surgery? Check out our preferred pricing plan offered through QualSight, Inc.
Have a personal or family problem and want to talk to an experienced counselor? Get help from Life Track.
How’s Your Health?

Take a short, confidential Health Risk Assessment online. It only takes a few minutes. When you’re done, you’ll get instant feedback about your health.

Do You Want To Enroll in the Copay 500 Medical Option?
You’ll need to take the Health Risk Assessment to be able to enroll in the Copay 500 option. We’re building a healthier workforce, so it’s important to do your part … learn more about your health and take action to improve it!

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